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Kate Meckler

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016

downloadKate Meckler is a big name in the New York City real estate business, and as such is almost a household name in this line of work. Apart from being a great seller and having an excellent track record in selling all types of real estate in all of the neighborhoods, she is a big philanthropist and a humanitarian. She is one of the people that doesn’t just settle for good enough, she strives for bigger and better, both in her professional life, in her hobbies, as well as in her private life.

So, what do people really know about Kate Meckler? Well, apart of her excellent track record during her career, really not much. But, they ought to, because it is a person most people should look up to. She was born and raised in the New York City, a city that offered her a lot, both in the personal and professional terms. She graduated from the Riverdale Country School, and then gotten a Bacherolr’s degree from the New York University, which led her to start her marketing career. She worked as an even planner for Bear Streams as well as for Estee Lauder, while also teaching in the nursery school in the Upper West Side of this amazing city. But then, she decided to take a turn and enter the real estate business back in 1999, which turned out to be one of the best decisions she has ever made, because it led her to be one of the best in the business and a recognizable person all over the city.

She is a person whose success does not only come from her vast knowledge and experience, it also comes from her great commitment to the cause, as well as her care for the clients and their happiness. Her confidence in her line of work makes her one of the best real estate persons in the city, and combining that with all of the above mentioned qualities, you get a person that knows what people want, that knows how to give it to them, and that makes sure she does everything in her power to make sure that the deal turns out for the best for all the parties involved. Due to the fact that her relationship with her clients always remains positive, some of those relationships have even turned to real friendships over the years, and the friendships built on mutual trust and understanding are always there to last.

download (1)As we can see, Kate Meckler is not a person that seeks to accommodate herself, but rather cares more about accommodating others, and that is exactly why she takes her time to help out others in need. She enjoys working with the charitable foundations, and has served in Love Heals, Reach Out and Read, Crossroads, The Young Lions Society, The Central Park Conservancy, and the Partnerships for Public Service. She is a person that puts the needs of others ahead of the needs of her own, which she learned to do throughout her life, and which truly came in handy now that she is a devoted mother.

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