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8 incredible mountains you can walk up in 2017

Posted by on Nov 27, 2016

8 incredible mountains you can walk up in 2017

Hiking is one of those activities that you instantly fall in love with. As the air thins on the way up, the euphoria overtakes you and the sights beneath you open a whole new dimension. Even before the hike is over, you will likely start planning the next hike. Here are some incredible mountains that you can walk up in 2017.

Here Are Our Top Hiking Treks For This Year

Top Hiking Spots of 2017

Top Hiking Spots of 2017

Snowman Trek; The Himalayas, Bhutan, Asia

One of the most treacherous treks in the Himalayas (and arguably in the world), the Snowman Trek is only taken by a few people each season. It is more than 200 miles long and can take well over 25 days to complete. To most die-hard hikers, this is the Holy Grail. The trek will encompass 11 passes and take you to altitudes of 4500 meters not to mention you will be in Lunana; the remotest part of Bhutan. The view of Jichu Drake and Chomolhari are breathtaking as well as meeting some of the remotest people and villages on earth. This is a guided trail and the most favorable time is April or October.

Mount Kilimanjaro; Tanzania, East Africa

There is a reason why hikers love this mountain and it hasn’t lost its touch even with its popularity. Standing at 19,340 feet, it is the highest peak in Africa. The trail will take 7 to 10 days to finish the 35-mile-long trail. You can start off at Mount Meru which is 14,980 feet and the base camp at 6200 feet can help you acclimatize. A camp lies at the crater foot and the last hike upwards will be 1000 feet up to the top of Uhuru Peak. Take in the beautiful scenery from the roof of Africa. The descent is also fun as you get to cut through the rainforest in Arusha National Park down Mweka route. The best time to hike is September, January, and February.

Inca Trail; Machu Picchu, Peru, South America

The Inca Trail in Peru is very popular as you get to cut through jungles and take in the beautiful mountain views as well as the ruins of Ancient South American civilizations. And as a reward for your efforts, you get to see the majestic Machu Picchu at the end of the trail. Talk about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This trail is approximately 26 miles of inclines and descents and can take four days. Anytime from May to September is perfect for hikers.

Tour du Mont Blanc; France, Switzerland, and Italy, Western Europe

Want to take one hike in three countries? Well, here is your chance! The majestic view of alpine forests, glaciers and scenic valleys and mountain scenery as you hike a total of 10000m ascent. This is even higher than Everest from sea level. The trail is about 105 miles long and will take up to 11 days so make sure you have some comfy hiking shoes to walk in or you’ll have very sore feet! From France, the trail goes anticlockwise into Italy and Switzerland then back to France.

Ruwenzori Ranges (Mountains of the Moon); Uganda, East Africa

Hiking the tallest mountain ranges in Africa which stand well over 16000 feet, you might as well be on the moon. There are wild animals such as elephants and antelopes as you make your way up and an eye-catching view of glaciers. Although the Equator cuts right through these ranges, the peaks are snowcapped and look majestic from any height. The trail is about 38 miles long and will take you between 6 and 8 days to complete.


Kungsleden, Mount Kebnekaise; Sweden, Europe

This is the tallest mountain in Sweden and the hike dabbed Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) is a 275-mile journey but the hike can be shortened to 65 miles. It does not take a long time (3-5 days) but the scenery will make you craving for more. You can take in the Arctic landscapes, huge glaciers, and tundra as you go up the mountain. The best time to hike this trail is August and September.

Mount Hekla; Iceland, Europe

Located only 44 miles from the capital city Reykjavik, it is the second most active volcano in Iceland. Standing on top of the long ridge at an elevation of 4,882 feet is one of the best feelings in the world. This is considering the hike is very short and you can take three to four hours to get to the top. It is advisable to carry snow and glacier gear because of the snow at the top. It is also very convenient as the guides can pick you up in the city, guide you up the trail and have you back to your hotel room in the same day.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Himalayas; Nepal, Asia

This hiking expedition will take you through an experience of a lifetime as you get to view the Himalayan giant

peaks as well as experience the culture of the Sherpa. It is only 70 miles long but can take up to 16 days because of acclimatizing to the altitude. This gives you enough time to experience the rich culture of the mountain people. You also get to see three high peaks of the Himalayas, (Everest, Lhotse Sar and Lhoste) in one sweeping view. Going down will take a shorter time of about three days.

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